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Copy Paste Steel – Structural Steel & Aluminum Shapes – Add-ons for Fusion 360 and other 3D CAD Software.

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The Quick Basics of How Copy Paste Steel is used in Fusion 360

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Packages are Offered by Shape Type or as a Whole Package in the ‘Full Suite’

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Copy Paste Steel in Fusion 360 – Drawing a Structure Made of Angle Steel

2D Shape Profiles for Extruding into 3D Shapes – Angles, Channels, Rectangular Tube, Square Tube, Ship & Car MC Channel, Standard I Beams, & Wide Flange Beams.

for Fusion 360, SolidWorks, Blender, Rhinoceros, and more…

Create Extrusions in 3D CAD from Copy Paste Steel’s 2D DXF file library.

What is Copy Paste Steel?

How Do I Download Copy Paste Steel?

  1. After Purchasing Copy Paste Steel, Click the Button below Download to Download. It will be the name of your product.
  2. Copy Paste Steel will be downloaded and placed in your Downloads folder (Windows).
  3. Extract your files and put the new Copy Paste Steel folder in a location you can easily find later.

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How Many Shapes are in Copy Paste Steel US Imperial ‘Full Suite’?

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How much space does Copy Paste Steel Us Imperial Full Suite take up on my computer?

What programs does Copy Paste Steel work in?

Does Copy Paste Steel work in “ABCdef” program?

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Is there a monthly payment for Copy Paste Steel?

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Create Extrusions in 3D CAD from 2D DXF files.